Industry Veterans Release Game Development Platform; Cuphead Launching for Tesla Cars

TheGamingEconomy’s Daily Digest brings you the latest news from the world of gaming. In today’s edition: Industry veterans release new game development platform, Coherence; Shoot ’em up, Cuphead, is launching for Tesla cars; and Apple releases iOS 13.

Industry veterans release coherence

Playdead co-founder, Dino Patti, and Unity co-founder, David Helgason, aim to democratise the creation of online games with the launch of Coherence, a cloud-based, open-source development platform. Coherence will bring the development of multiplayer games to the masses, where technical and financial barriers to entry, and server-side limitations typically restrict access to the smaller, independent developers.

Patti will take on the CEO role, with Helgason taking on an advisory role, with EA DICE’s Peter Björklund coming on as CTO. Thanks to their collective experience, both from large development studios and independent ones, Coherence should help to reduce complexity and afford access to mutliplayer game development from small teams to large, and foster increased innovation along the way.

Shoot ’em up, Cuphead, is launching for Tesla cars

Studio MDHR has created a version of beloved indie shoot ’em up, Cuphead, that will be playable on the built-in touchscreen of Tesla cars. This comes after a recent announcement from Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, that the company was making its vehicles compatible with games created in Unity and Unreal Engine.

Before Tesla becomes the new app store, there are still some restrictions to consider. Due to storage constraints, only a few levels are available to play at this stage. According to Studio MDHR’s Maja Moldenhauer, it was important that the Tesla version could keep up the frame rate and necessary platform controls, which indicates the level of game complexity may be reduced, while Tesla works on improving the integration.

With Fortnite and Rocket League both running on Unreal Engine, rumours are that they might not be far behind. But while the opportunity is potentially huge for many developers, with Fornite’s 60 FPS (frames per second) versus Cuphead’s 24 FPS, for example, there might be a bit of work to do first.

Apple shares details of new iPhone OS, iOS 13

Apple’s latest iOS will contain some interesting updates, as they relate to the world of gaming. The first is the launch of Dark Mode. Already present in macOS Mojave, Dark Mode will allow users to consume content amidst the backdrop of a new dark colour scheme. Users can turn it on permanently, or schedule it to come on at certain times of day, e.g. sunset. Third-party app developers will also have access to Dark Mode, being allowed to integrate it into their apps. An opportunity, but also a consideration for game developers that don’t want to blind their users with bright colour schemes, if they have Dark Mode activated.

Private sign-in allows users not to have their details shared with third-party app developers, and can instead use their Apple IDs for authentication. Rather than being shared login details, developers will be issued unique random IDs by Apple, even if they ask for a name and email address.

General performance improvements will also make the entire system more responsive, notably with app download sizes being reduced by 50%, thanks to a new way of packaging apps, with app updates being reduced by 60%, and apps launching up to twice as fast.