Google Teases Stadia Details; WeQ Acquires Booster Studios


TheGamingEconomy’s Daily Digest brings you the trending stories in gaming. In today’s news: Google teases Stadia details; WeQ acquires Booster Studios; and BlueStacks launches SDK for developers to publish Android games to Steam.

Google teases Stadia details

Google has subtly announced it will soon (6 June) be releasing details of its upcoming cloud-based games console, Stadia. A static image on a YouTube video announces Stadia Connect, launching 9AM PDT/6pm CEST on 6 June. It will reveal pricing, games, and launch details. The first instalment is part of a series, which will share details on news, events and bonus features.

As subtle as the announcement is, it certainly won’t go unnoticed by the industry, that is waiting expectantly for more information on one of the most disruptive launches in gaming history.

WeQ acquires Booster Studios

Mobile ad tech outfit, WeQ has bought game developer, Booster Studios, for an undisclosed sum, and rebranded it WeQ Studios, to join its other services; app-ranking tool, Boost; UA management and optimisation platform, Perform; influencer marketing agency, WeQ Influencers; and ad fraud protection solution, Shield, as reported by PocketGamer.biz

WeQ Studios will publish third-party titles, offering services to developers to achieve scale across US and Europe, with plans to expand into APAC later this year. It will also create its own games in-house. The studio’s interest will lie strongly in the hyper-casual market, which is estimated to be worth up to USD$2.5bn.

WeQ isn’t the first ad tech company to move into game creation and publishing, and there will certainly be some shared learnings from the advertising side to help inform strategies when it comes to design and distribution, and vice versa.

BlueStacks launches SDK for developers to publish Android games to Steam

BlueStacks, the PC gaming platform, has launched BlueStacks Inside, enabling mobile game developers to publish games on Steam with no need for PC porting.

BlueStacks Inside’s SDK (software development kit) will allow developers to port existing Android games to Steam and Discord.

Bluestacks know there’s a significant overlap of PC gamers and mobile gamers, so leveraging this overlap will mean developers can cater to mutual audiences much more easily, and give them access to more development and integration features. Ultimately, it’s about a developer’s bottom line, and the intention is to increase user engagement, the volume and quality of paying users, and overall ARPU (average revenue per paying user).

KOG, Funplus and Fabled Game Studio are among the first developers to launch their Android games directly on Steam, with many more to follow.