• Many Indie Game Developers Lack Resources to Monetise Apps: Q&A with Rafael Vivas, Lion Studios

    Opportunity in the hyper-casual gaming space is burgeoning. Independent game developers need support in many areas to be able to maximise this opportunity. For this reason, AppLovin recently announced the launch of Lion Studios – a media devision to help indie game developers in a number of different areas. TheGamingEconomy speaks with Lion Studios’ president, Rafael Vivas (pictured below) about how Lion Studios intends to support them.

    TheGamingEconomy: Why has AppLovin launched its own media division, Lion Studios?

    Rafael Vivas: We [...]

  • Playable Ads Need Emphasis on Creative & Technical Design: Q&A with Jeff Marshall, CrossInstall

    Arguably, one of the most crucial aspects of performance advertising for in-app gaming is creative. From leveraging the correct ad format – depending on your user acquisition, retention, and reactivation strategies – to multivariate testing of creative across those different target segments, gaming developers need to place a lot of importance on creative output. TheGamingEconomy speaks exclusively with Jeff Marshall (pictured below), CEO, CrossInstall, about its newly launched Creatives as a Service (CaaS) platform, to help gaming developers do [...]