• TGE Index Investment Report - Q4 & Year-End 2020


  • Fortnite Removed from App Store and Google Play - Epic Games to Sue

  • New Platform Publishing Models: Q&A with Bryan Buskas, Rogue Games

  • Tencent Purchases Controlling Stake in Huya; Nintendo in Data Breach

  • Google Opens Playa Vista Stadia Studio; Esports Players League Completes USD$1m (£767k) Seed Round

  • Google Rolls Out Hypercasual Platform; CD Projekt Now Europe's Second-Largest Game Company

  • Nvidia Revenue Climbs 41%; Sony Wrestling with PlayStation 5 Price-Setting

  • China Mobile Firms Partner to Form GDSA; Esports Jobs Up 87% in 2019

  • Microsoft Viewing Google and Amazon as Main Competitors; DeNA Reports JP¥49.4bn Loss

  • Activision Blizzard & Google Sign Partnership; Developers Shift Focus to Next-Gen Consoles and VR

  • Twitch Growth Slows in 2019; Stadia to Debut 120 titles