• TGE Index Investment Report - Q3 2020


  • US House Criticises App Store Dominance; G-Loot Raises SEK500m

  • Tencent Gaming Draws US Scrutiny; Stillfront Acquires Nanobit

  • Huuuge Games Acquires Double Star; EU IMCP Recommends New Loot Box Approach

  • US Suspends H-1B Visas; Phoenixx Partners with Bandai Namco & Dentsu

  • Apple Faces European Antitrust Investigation; FirstMark Raises USD$650m Fund Duo

  • Wave Raises USD$30m; Baidu Acquires Redfinger

  • DCMS Calls for More Loot Box Evidence; Sony Fined AUD$3.5m

  • AppLovin Acquires Machine Zone; BLAST Premier Raises €12.5m

  • Twitch Content at All-Time High; Japan Plans Esports Expansion

  • Jacki Vause on How to Publish Successfully in China