• Tencent & Huawei Partner for Cloud Gaming; Colopl Acquires Mages

  • Cloud Gaming to Reach USD$56.57bn by 2027; DreamCraft Raises USD$3m

  • Video Games UA Spend to Hit £37bn; PlatinumGames Developing Engine

  • SEA Telcos to Launch Gaming Joint Venture; Horizon Raises USD$5m

  • Earplay, deltaDNA and the Rising Opportunity of 'Voice-First' Interactive Audio

  • Gaming Firms Allegedly Benefiting from Forced Labour; Sonatic Raises €2.3m

  • Activision Blizzard Withdraws Titles from GeForce NOW; Supercell Revenue Climbs 2%

  • China Mobile Firms Partner to Form GDSA; Esports Jobs Up 87% in 2019

  • CWA Launches Campaign for Video Game Unionisation; Square Enix Focusing on Cloud Gaming