• TGE Index Investment Report - Q3 2020


  • Sumo Group Acquires Pipeworks; CD Projekt Red Imposes Mandatory Crunch

  • Tencent Gaming Draws US Scrutiny; Stillfront Acquires Nanobit

  • Epic Games Raises USD$1.78bn; Trump Signs Executive Order Against Tencent

  • Nazara Buys Majority Stake in Paper Boat Apps; tinyBuild Acqui-hires Hello Neighbor Team

  • Paradox Interactive Acquires Playrion; Sony Mulling Offer for Leyou

  • US Suspends H-1B Visas; Phoenixx Partners with Bandai Namco & Dentsu

  • DoubleDown Interactive in USD$100m IPO; Nexon to Invest USD$1.5bn in Public Firms

  • Zynga in Talks to Acquire Peak; NetEase to Raise up to USD$3bn;

  • US Game Sales Up 35%; ValueAct Gains USD$1.1bn Stake in Nintendo

  • US Gaming Time Up 45%; SteelSeries Acquires A-Volute