• Sony cementing relationship with Epic Games via Investment; Esports Revenues Set for Decline as Events Cancelled

  • Record-Breaking App Downloads in Q2; CtW Launches Campaign Against EA Pay

  • Advertisers Watching Ads: Fortnite, Nike & Black Lives Matter

  • Chushou TV Shuttered; Microsoft Tells Developers Not to Charge for Next-Gen Upgrades

  • Microsoft Contemplating WBIE Acquisition; Pokémon GO Surpasses USD$3.6bn in Revenue

  • Ubisoft's Maxime Béland Resigns; Animoca Brands Raises USD$4.1m

  • Paradox Interactive Acquires Playrion; Sony Mulling Offer for Leyou

  • Discord Raises USD$100m; Thousands of Games Removed from China iOS Store

  • Apple Terminating Arcade Games for Retention; PlayBrain Raises USD$6m

  • Starbreeze to Raise SEK250m; GP Bullhound Closes €125m Fund