• Germany: A Tale of Two Ecosystems

    ExchangeWire has been running events in Germany since 2013; and in that time I have had a firsthand look at the workings of the local digital advertising market. Like in most markets, Google, Facebook, and Amazon dominate in Germany. But there is an interesting split between the remaining 20 percenters.

    The German 20 percenter market can be described as a tale of two ecosystems: the ever-evolving in-app ad market, which is mostly based in Berlin; and the slow-moving, [...]

  • From Developer to End User: Why Cybersecurity in Gaming Must be A Team Effort

    Gaming certainly isn’t what it used to be, and as it storms increasingly into the mainstream, there’s one thing that the gamers of the world need to keep front of mind: security. Writing exclusively for TheGamingEconomy, Paul Lipman (pictured below), CEO, Bullguard, explains why the risks are greater than you think, and how tackling cybersecurity in gaming needs to be a team effort.

    Not long ago the term ‘gamer’ evoked images of a young man, perhaps holed up in his [...]

  • What We Can Learn from the Biggest Gaming PR Stunts

    With thousands of video games coming out every year, standing out from the crowd can be a major challenge for studios and publishers. While there’s always temptation to go over the top with a crazy PR stunt, there’s a lot of risk involved. Sure, PR stunts can make your game memorable, but it may be memorable for the wrong reasons. Writing exclusively for TheGamingEconomy, Simon Spaull (pictured below), MD EMEA, AppLovin, takes a look back at some of the biggest [...]

  • How the California Consumer Privacy Act Aims to Put an End to the Data Wild West

    Despite a monumental build up, the EU GDPR may not have made quite the splash the industry expected – it rather depends on who you ask. However, what it has done, is set the wheels in motion for other countries, such as Brazil, to adopt similar legislation. One in particular, which is starting to take data privacy very seriously, is the US. Multiple states have started updating their consumer privacy acts, and the state of California, the home of [...]

  • Many Indie Game Developers Lack Resources to Monetise Apps: Q&A with Rafael Vivas, Lion Studios

    Opportunity in the hyper-casual gaming space is burgeoning. Independent game developers need support in many areas to be able to maximise this opportunity. For this reason, AppLovin recently announced the launch of Lion Studios – a media devision to help indie game developers in a number of different areas. TheGamingEconomy speaks with Lion Studios’ president, Rafael Vivas (pictured below) about how Lion Studios intends to support them.

    TheGamingEconomy: Why has AppLovin launched its own media division, Lion Studios?

    Rafael Vivas: We [...]

  • Retargeting & the 'Day 0 Dilemma': Q&A with Alexei Chemenda, Adikteev

    Retargeting is a hugely powerful tool within mobile gaming to reactivate lapsed players, but there are many gaming marketers who get it wrong. TheGamingEconomy speaks exclusively with Alexei Chemenda (pictured below), chief revenue officer for apps, and managing director, U.S., at in-app retargeting specialist, Adikteev, about the concept of the ‘Day 0 Dilemma’ in retargeting campaigns. Chemenda outlines the common mistakes gaming marketers make when attempting to reactivate lapsed players, and why in-app retargeting needs to be considered as [...]

  • Grabbing Gamers & Gaining Visibility with Rewarded Video

    Awareness campaigns are a critical tool for new and established brands alike. The focus of these campaigns isn’t immediate click throughs and conversions; instead, it is on building brand recognition and consumer retention. Traditional awareness campaigns might include TV advertising or print media. While these avenues put information in front of thousands, it can be nearly impossible to track direct ROI, writes Sandor Jones (pictured below), product marketing manager, YouAppi, exclusively for TheGamingEconomy.

    The same can be said of rewarded video; [...]

  • Take Your Game to the Next Level: App Retargeting for Retention in Gaming

    It would be foolish to underestimate the power of app retargeting to engage with your mobile gaming app users. As a consumer, you may think of retargeting as being followed around the web by the image of a pair of scissors you bought three weeks ago, but in mobile gaming, the opportunities to engage with users, based on how they have interacted with your gaming app, are not only smart, but also fruitful. Mobile game developers new to the app [...]

  • The Fundamentals of App Store Optimisation & the Black Hat Tactics to Avoid

    What is App Store Optimisation (ASO) and are mobile gaming developers making the most of it to maximise app-store visibility and potential installs? TheGamingEconomy speaks exclusively with Katerina Zolotareva (pictured below), marketing and customer success manager, TheTool, about how to get started and the common mistakes to avoid.

    TheGamingEconomy: What are the basics for an app marketer/developer to get started with App Store Optimisation (ASO)?

    Katerina Zolotareva: By definition, App Store Optimisation is a process of maximising the visibility, [...]

  • Last-Click Attribution Is Failing Marketers: Q&A with Amit Dar, Taptica

    User acquisition is evolving. Where it used to be all about the number of installs, developers are becoming smarter and more discerning about campaign metrics and tying acquisition activity back to the bottom line. Now it’s about finding the highest quality users and moving beyond impressions and installs, to engagement and lifetime value. TheGamingEconomy speaks exclusively with Amit Dar, general manager, U.S., Taptica, about why user acquisition for mobile gaming is changing and the importance of setting goals for [...]